Friday, July 30, 2010

The Food

Our food was AMAZING, as well as our drinks. Which was open bar and we actually even started the open bar before the ceremony which people raved about. We had the former owners of Silver Palate Bistro do our catering. They used to have a restaurant at Great Neck but now they are 100% catering and located on Providence road with the name Chef by Design. They did spectacular. Everything was seamless, plus the food was awesome.Here are some pictures to get your mouth watering. The mini crab cakes were my favorite!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cake

Here is our wedding cake:

Leftover bridesmaid dress fabric was even used for the board holding the cake.
A close up of the cake topper:

The Grooms Cake:


Click for larger images.
A special thanks to my great aunt Teeny for doing both of these wonderful cakes, and thanks to Beth for making the cake toppers for the grooms cake. I just love my glow in the dark bride & groom Munny's!

The cake turned out so much better than my inspiration cake:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Party Attire

The flower girls:
My grandma made their dresses. View previous posts about them here.

They did so good!
My Junior bridesmaid, she walked Kathy, my black lab who was also ring bearer down the aisle.
Her dress was opposite the bridesmaids with the same kind of silk. My grandma also made her dress.

Our ring bearer had some flowers and ribbon that had the rings tied to it on a simple dog chain. There aren't any perfect pictures of her but here is a glimpe...and another bit of my dress!

The Bridesmaids:
Ashley was my matron of honor, then in order there is Alyssa, Bekah, and Ashley. My mom made all of their dresses and I think they turned out great! Their jewelry went with it perfectly! These are the only two I could find with just them, where all of them were in it!

The groomsmen:
Greg was Zach's best man, then there is Josh his brother, Shea my brother, and Jarrod. Zach is in these with them. Order in picture below from left to right : Jarros, Greg, Zach, Josh, Shea

And here is almost everyone...

Sorry you will have to wait for my dress!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rings

Our manicured nails look great! We still need to get both of our rings re-sized and I am going to get mine sautered together.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Bridal Party Gifts

For the Groomsmen Zach got them all Zippos with their names engraved. But he thought about all of them. Gregs was some special Armor one engraved with Crawford, Josh and Jarrod hand normal ones engraved with Josh, and JT Money (I don't know where Jarrods nickname came from), then Zach got Shea a slim one because "he likes to wear tight pants." Here is Shea with his Zippo.
For the Bridesmaids I got them a matching pearl necklace and earrings. They were freshwater pearls in my wedding colors. I got them from Lauren on Etsy. Go to her shop here. She was great. I told her what I wanted, she even sent me pearl samples before she made them. Plus her prices are good. I was extremely happy with them!

I got the twins these cute little bracelets...

I got Gooby (my cousin Gabrielle, who walked Kathy down the aisle) a simple pearl and crystal necklace..this is the best picture I have, sorry!

I also got Teeny a necklace for making my wonderful cakes, and biggie some cool earrings for doing all the flowers. I really hope everyone liked their gifts! I know Bekah does because I've seen her wearing it since!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Rehersal

Well the rehearsal went well. It was pretty painless, the twins were the only ones who were questionable if they would make it down the aisle. However on the wedding day they went down perfectly! I was feeling great, not nervous at all, until we were about to head to the rehearsal dinner. Then I felt awful and ended up getting sick in the car, how embarrassing. I can't even say that it was nerves, maybe I didn't eat enough or drinking wine on an empty stomach was a bad idea. Either way I was pathetic and sick throughout the rehearsal dinner. Total bummer. I have to say better the day before than on the day of the wedding. Has anyone else been sick throughout their rehearsal dinner? However there are still some pictures from it. Janet made her backyard look really nice for the party. I can't comment on the food since I couldn't eat any but I think everyone else enjoyed the night.
The Rehearsal:

Rehearsal dinner:

Then poor pitiful me! HA